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Cultural Warfare: Self-Judgment, Part Three

We see perfectly scripted lives play out in real-time on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. After watching and scrolling past countless pictures of manufactured happiness, wealth, and success, we believe ourselves unworthy. But, our real lives have so much more to offer!

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Spiritual Warfare: Self-Judgment, Part Two

The battle for our mind is a fight that most of us are familiar with. We all fall prey to self-judgment and the belief that we are not worthy. We all struggle to stay positive, keep motivated, and turn away the darker thoughts that want to take control of our lives by spreading lies that taint our minds with negative ideas about ourselves and our circumstances.

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Rest: Finding the Source of Peace

“Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28 (NKJV). Jesus is the source of rest. Perfect rest. Complete rest. Trust him to repair and restore what you cannot.

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Living in Truth: Part Three, Walking in Truth

What does it look like to walk in the truth on a regular everyday basis? This is a dangerous question to ask and an even harder one to answer. Yet it is also a very important question that must be addressed. What does it mean to walk in Truth?

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The Reliability of the Bible: Part Two – Correctly Written and Copied

Can we have a strong degree of confidence that the same New Testament texts written in the first century are essentially the same texts we have in our hands today? Yes, we can. With over 5,800 ancient manuscripts, more then any other ancient text, the accuracy can be verified. Learn how we can be confident in the Truth of the Bible.

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The Healing Truth

Where do we find truth? What we believe shapes everything about ourselves, about our world, about our community. So how do we know we’re on the right path?

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