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Ready, Set, Wait…No, I mean Go

Our society is designed to keep us rushing around in malcontent, waiting for something more. A better job, a newer car, a bigger house, our own private island, the chance to rule to world. Enough is never enough because there is always more.

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Thanksgiving: This is 2020 – Why Be Thankful?

This is 2020. In a year of pandemic, murder hornets, toilet paper shortages, broken relationships, political strife, injustice, lost livelihoods, and lost lives, how can we even think about being thankful? Thanksgiving is not just for when everything in the nation is going well.

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“You’re Wrong” is Not the Right Answer

America is divided, not because we disagree, but because we have forgotten just how important those disagreements are to the core foundation of our country. We were built on the idea that differing ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints would make this country great. That freedom to have those beliefs would keep us alive!

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Fear Shouldn’t Be Our New Normal

We must learn to replace our instinctual reaction to fear with the constant action of praying and laying down our burdens at the feet of Jesus. When we replace fear with prayer, God promises to bring us peace and to guard our hearts and minds against the destructive consequences of fear.

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Take charge and let go of control

Take Charge and Let go of Control

Recently, I’ve learned that being in control is different than being in charge. Control can easily be flipped against you. Instead of being empowering, it can become choking and suffocating. But there is a better way!

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